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The Career Guide in Your Pocket

The knowledge and support you need to find your voice and ask for what you want at work.


Knowledge is Power

Access Power Cards that give you the knowledge and techniques you need to take control of your career.

Included in the Power Cards are the must-read Top 10 Mistakes Women Make with tips on how to avoid these mistakes in your career.

Practice What You Learn

Through the Practice section, you'll have the opportunity to "practice" negotiating pay for a new job and asking for a pay raise, promotion or other non-pay items in an interactive, scenario-based game environment.


Meet Ajna

Who is Ajna?
How did Ajna originate?
How Ajna got her name?
  • Ajna represents every professional woman. She understands the challenges women face in the workplace. She's worked for the demanding boss, gotten caught up in office politics, been passed over for promotion and dealt with the demands of having it all.

    She's learned from experience, gained wisdom and knowledge from knowledgeable experts and friends. She's forging a path for women to own their power and be authentic in the workplace.

    Ask Ajna is your guide — a career partner in your pocket that can help you find your voice and negotiate for what you really want: a promotion, a pay increase, better work-life balance or improved communication with your boss.

  • Ask Ajna is the brainchild of two human resources professionals who were frustrated with the dysfunctional systems within corporate America and questioned why, after so many years, there continued to be significant disparities in opportunity and pay. They wanted to create a resource to help professional women find their power and their voices through shared experience and practical knowledge in a convenient and engaging way.

    Together, founders Marian Cartwright and Jae Lynn Rangel bring to Ask Ajna nearly 50 years of experience working for companies of varying size and industry sector. Their motivating force? "I'd loved to have known 20 years ago, what I know today." Thus, Ask Ajna was born.

  • Ajna is named after the sixth chakra — called the 'third eye' — which is considered by many to be the conscience or center of intuition and wisdom. The term 'ajna' is often translated as 'command' or 'summoning' and represents balance — equal balance of male and female — similar to the yin-yang.

    Ask Ajna is the woman who has found her authentic voice (the conscience or wisdom), harnessed her power to ask for what she wants (the command or summoning) and who uses both to gain true equality (the yin-yang balance)!

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