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New Job

Looking for a new job? In addition to preparing for the interview process, you should also prepare to negotiate your pay package.

Pay Raise

If you haven’t had a pay increase, didn’t get the increase you expected or you think you’re underpaid- don’t be afraid to ask!


If you’ve taken on new responsibilities, or the level of complexity of your work has increased, it’s time to ask for a promotion.

Work/ Life

Learn to negotiate additional flexibility, non-pay items and/or other benefits such as
work/life balance.

Ask Ajna’s Career Quiz

Are you on track, or is your career derailed? Find out with our career quiz!

The quiz questions will help you identify what areas in your career are lacking – pay, career advancement, job satisfaction, etc. Your overall score identifies whether or not your career is on track and how satisfied you are with your job.

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