As the co-creators of Ask Ajna, the preeminent career guide for professional women, Jae Lynn and Marian believe the time has come for women to change the game by owning their power and using their voices.  In their speaking engagements, Jae Lynn and Marian provide practical solutions which help women change the rules and break down barriers to career success.

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The Top 10 Mistakes Women Make at Work

It’s hard enough to be successful and get ahead as women, we certainly don’t need to be sabotaging ourselves along the way. Unfortunately, many women don’t recognize they’re making mistakes at work.  Discover the Top Ten Mistakes Women Make at Work and get practical advice on how to avoid these career limiting mistakes, including:

  • Thinking Your Work Speaks for Itself
  • Confusing Effort With Results
  • Accepting Less
  • Not Using Powerful Language
  • Not Asking for What You Want…and more!

How To Ask For, And Get, What You Want At Work

We all know the gender gap still exists. Why? One reason is men readily ask for what they want. Women tend to hope for what they want. The result? Men earn more money, even in the same jobs as women, and they get more opportunities. Women can enhance their careers by simply asking for what they want, and deserve.  In this session, participants learn how to successfully negotiate pay and ask for what they want at work.

It’s Not What You Say… 5 Steps to More Powerful Communication

Women are often perceived as indecisive, ineffective or unsure of themselves, simply because of the language we use and the way we speak.  The ultimate challenge for women is communicating in a way that enhances our credibility and capability, while being authentic and true to ourselves. Participants discover five simple steps for becoming a more powerful, confident and compelling communicator.