Welcome to Ask Ajna!

Welcome to Ask Ajna!

I am so glad you’re here!  I am so glad I’m here!  My hope is that we will meet often, exchange stories and challenges, and take away the wisdom we gain from each other.  Here is who I am.

Most of my friends and colleagues will say I’m just a naturally nice person.  I don’t believe I’m nice to be liked; I’m just big hearted and find it easy to accept most people.  I’ve survived by setting boundaries and keeping the option of saying “no” within arm’s reach.  I’m also a very creative person.  I grew up playing music and my first career was as a singer/musician in a band.  We traveled all over the country for 10 years, playing 50 weeks a year, 6 nights a week.  By the time we called it quits, I was living in Los Angeles and ready to see what else I might enjoy doing.

I brought my creative abilities to my next career as a human resources professional.  I rarely find a box I can’t think outside of and I thrive in fast passed business environments.  When I ended up managing compensation teams, I discovered I enjoyed developing talented people and building teams that produced exceptional results.  Nothing makes me happier than trying something that hasn’t been tried before and it’s that desire that helped create Ask Ajna.

Ask Ajna is designed to help women be who they authentically are in the workplace.  So many of us try to fit in, play the game that has been designed and maintained by men, and we end up unhappy, under paid, and undervalued.  I’ve seen it happen to other women.  I’ve experienced it myself.  I’ll give you an example.

For years I was underpaid for the work I did and the contribution I provided; and I was the Senior Manager of Compensation.  I had all the data!  I was guilty of the same issue many women are guilty of; not asking for what we want.  To be fair, this company was not known for paying anyone well, but more men tended to ask, and some of them got salary increases.  Women just didn’t ask.  We complained, we talked around the subject with our managers, and we took jobs at other companies, but we didn’t ask.

I’m happy to say I’m recovering from that silence.  Asking is a practice, not a natural thing for me.  When I get the feeling that I’m going to take something that isn’t what I really want (It’s a physical feeling I get), I take a breath and just ask.  When I talk with other women who don’t ask, most of us find excuses why we can’t ask, but eventually we agree; all we have to do is ask.  We may not get what we asked for, but we definitely won’t if we don’t.

As I said at the start, I hope this will be a place to discuss all the issues we face in the workplace.  Jae Lynn and I believe we can change the way the game is played in the workplace so that women have the same pay and opportunities as men.  Please use our comment section to post your comments, stories, or views and together we can really make a difference.

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I am passionate about helping women make the most of their skills and talents in the workplace, as well as encouraging them to ask for what they want and deserve. Creating Ask Ajna with Jae Lynn has been a labor of love and if we can help women find their authentic voice and support one another, we will build a community of change.


  1. LIKE IT! I needed this 30 yrs. ago! As you know I certainly had my fill of corp. gunk. My reviews always came back with a notation, “Susan always thinks out of the box,” and that I did. They just would never accepted my views. Maybe it was the way I presented them. Just could never do enough it seemed. So glad I am retired!!!!!

    Congrats and hope you do well.

  2. Congratulations on your launch! What a great resource for working women everywhere. Thank you for all your hard work to make this happen.

    • Thank you for your comment.


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